The Quality Service Awards recognises those businesses who achieved customer service excellence in an extraordinary 12 months

It is with great pleasure that Reader’s Digest presents the Quality Service Awards. We believe companies that deliver outstanding customer service should be recognised and rewarded in Asia.


How Our Quality Service Survey Was Conducted

  • Market Research

    The 2021 Reader’s Digest Quality Service Awards is a genuinely independent gauge of how customer service is faring in the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia. In order to ascertain both the brands that populate the survey as well as the winners, Catalyst Research deploys two surveys of the Asian population. To qualify to vote on a category, they must have used a service provider from that industry

  • Scoping

    Across 30 categories, we asked consumers which companies they previously had experience with, to build a brand list reflective of today’s market.

  • Consumers Voting

    In the second survey, data was captured on which of those companies – over the past 12 months – had provided the highest levels of customer service, rating each organisation from 1 to 10 across five key pillars of customer service:

    • PERSONALISATION: How well was the company able to provide the consumer with an individualised customer experience?
    • UNDERSTANDING: How effectively was the company able to demonstrate a genuine insight into the customer’s needs?
    • SIMPLICITY: How quick and easy was the process of dealing with the company?
    • SATISFACTION: To what level did the company meet or exceed the customer’s expectations?
    • CONSISTENCY: Did the company deliver ongoing quality service?
  • Rating

    To calculate each company’s Quality Service Score (QSS), the average score of the five key pillars was determined, and then multiplied by 10 to obtain a metric score out of 100. The highest rated company in each category has been awarded the status of Gold Standard Winner, with the second-highest rated company awarded the status of Silver Standard Winner.


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