nan chan

AS ONE OF MALAYSIA’Sleading pharmacy chains, BIG Pharmacy provides its customers with excellent services and competitively priced products. Its outlets understand their customers’ wants and needs: to access information quickly, and receive empathy and understanding from those serving them. That’s why the retailer looks for staff who fit the bill. Employees must have what BIG Pharmacy calls ‘3P’ skills: they are a ‘people person’, have ‘patience’ and project ‘positivity’. A warm smile and a friendly greeting can go a long way in making customers feel valued and happy.

To ensure staff keep pace with changes in the industry, they attend a series of monthly training sessions that cover the latest product information and changes to any handling process. The training modules, which include role playing, are also driven by customers’ buying decisions and how staff can better understand customers.

BIG Pharmacy understands there will always be issues that need addressing, regardless how good a product or service is, that’s why this year it is establishing more touchpoints and platforms where customers can convey their feedback. BIG Pharmacy’s goal is to address and solve issues in a win-win situation – a win for the customer and the company.

When customers have a personalised shopping experience, Big Pharmacy knows customers are happy and will return to repurchase as well as pass on the positive experience to family and friends. Now that’s a win-win.