nan chan

XIAO EN HAS A LEGACY OF 33 YEARSin the bereavement care and memorialisation industry. Xiao En has been entrusted by many Malaysians to honour their departed loved one with dignity.

Customer service is an essential part of the funeral industry. The Xiao En team attends to families when they are at their most vulnerable. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that the frontliners respond with compassion and kindness as customers who are grieving need that extra emotional support.

To provide the very best of service, Xiao En invests in regular staff training ranging from funeral etiquette to hospitality to grooming. Training sessions are also conducted to help build the necessary confidence, knowledge and empathy to support customers in times of grief. Xiao En’s service quality is benchmarked against the highest international standards.

Xiao En’s brand of care doesn’t just stop at funerals. Through its seminars, study tours, events and branding activities, the company continuously strives to educate the living about culture, tradition and topics related to the understanding of life and death. Its annual Enlightenment Ceremony isn’t just a religious occasion where prayers are offered to the departed, it is also an opportunity for families, especially the younger generation, to learn more about traditional Chinese customs and values.

As an organisation, its pioneering spirit has set many benchmarks: Malaysia's first modern memorial park was set up in 1987; it runs the first modern hotel-inspired funeral care centre in the country; it was the first bereavement care provider to offer professional counselling for grieving families; and in 2018 it held the country’s first Death Fest – an event that creates awareness about life and death education with the objective of creating a greater appreciation for life.