AS A COMPANY THAT PUTS CUSTOMERS AT THE HEART OF ITS BUSINESS, AIA Philam Life has made significant changes in the way it conducts its business to ensure that their needs come first. These changes can be distilled into three distinct ideas: in the way it delivers service to the customers, in the relationship it has with its customers, and in the products it develops to address their changing needs.

To deliver service that meets customer expectations, AIA Philam Life designed a digital roadmap with their journey in mind, putting on the customer’s hat to better understand their pain points and develop digital tools that will address these. By 2018, the end to end digitalization of the customer’s journey was completed. And while customer interfacing systems continue to undergo refinements, the development of these digital innovations have resulted in benefits to all stakeholders, particularly the customer; providing faster, better, and more consistent service.

Life insurance companies have been known to have a transactional relationship with customers, beginning when the sale is closed and ending with the maturity or claim of the policy. As part of its efforts to build a stronger relationship with customers, AIA Philam Life developed tools that encourage continuous engagement throughout a customer’s journey. Financial advisors were equipped with digital platforms that empower them to personally service customers, resulting in reduced waiting times and eliminating the need for physical presence to perform various transactions, such as payments and processing claims.

From a product standpoint, AIA Philam Life has zeroed in on protection and wellness, focused on helping close the protection gap that stands at PHP1.5 trillion, and driving behavioral change through the Philam Vitality program. By developing products that will help cushion families from the financial impact of untoward events and illness, and championing its gamechanging wellness program that incentivizes members with rewards for knowing and improving their health, AIA Philam Life continues to address customers’ needs.