AS THE LARGEST BANK IN THE PHILIPPINES with a strong branch nationwide network, BDO Home Loan is continuing to lead the way in the mortgage lending market. So what makes this highly respected company gold class?

Clients are provided with affordable payment options, hassle-free loan requirements and fast loan processing. A variety of accessible traditional and online channels make application and after-sales servicing even easier and more convenient.

There is timely feedback to inquiries, quality personalized customer service and speedy follow through on agreed loan terms and conditions. Of course, affordable and flexible payment options are also key to BDO’s continued success.

Its account officers have extensive knowledge about home loan financing. They also receive special training to effectively manage the digital world including managing virtual meetings online, and digital applications and submissions, which has been important operating in the time of COVID-19.

BDO’s wide network of branches and provincial offices are widely available for those people who prefer face to face transactions.

Repeat business and advertising through word of mouth is proof of BDO Home Loan’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service. Being innovative and putting clients first ensures BDO Home Loan is evolving, excelling and enabling Filipinos to own a home they can call their own.