CITI’S HISTORY IN THE PHILIPPINES dates back to July 1902 when the International Banking Corporation, forerunner of Citibank, first established a branch in Manila. Today, Citi Philippines is the largest foreign commercial bank in the Philippines in terms of assets, revenues and profitability.

Citi offers tailor-fit customer service for its clients, focusing on addressing their specific needs. Today, Citi offers an omni-channel approach on its service touchpoint – from the point of application until servicing. This allows clients to get in touch with Citi in whichever way they deem most convenient, whether this be via phone, online or through the use of their mobile devices.

With its thrust of offering premier digital services, Citi has also ramped up its efforts in providing many offline services to online, turning Citi into a bank wherever clients happen to be. Customers can have their questions – be it an outstanding balance, statement balance or points earned – readily available in the palm of their hand through the Citi Mobile App.

Customers appreciate that Citi has knowledgeable service officers who are keen to get to the root cause of their concerns. They also appreciate that they are able to speak to someone without a long wait.

To empower employees, Citi provides ongoing training and development, such as courses on call drills, processes, product knowledge and soft skills, which all go towards providing staff with a better understanding of customer needs and the tools to resolve their concerns. This results in a win-win situation: the customer continues to use Citi’s products and services, and by doing so become ambassadors of the Citi brand.