FOR OVER A CENTURY, ANG CHIN MOH FUNERAL DIRECTORS has been committed to serving the needs of bereaved families and the Singapore community. Established in 1912, today it is possibly the oldest funeral service group in Singapore, and is still owned and managed by the family that started it – four generations later.

Ang Chin Moh is keenly aware that grieving families need not only a professional service, but funeral directors who are compassionate and caring, empathetic and understanding. What grieving families want is a shining light to help guide them through their darkest hour. This is why it ensures employees are provided with regular in-house training using internal and external trainers to scale up the skill sets of the funeral directors.

Ang Chin Moh seriously advocates funeral pre-planning, as it believes this takes away the stress, burden and pain from the family – and leaves behind love, not regrets. Funeral directors are trained in advising those interested in how to prepare ahead for this eventuality with compassion.

Furthermore, Ang Chin Moh adopts a ‘no red packet policy’, meaning there is no need to give cash offerings to its funeral team members. It believes in providing the same level of care, compassion and dignity to everyone, regardless of social status, race and religion. With frequent word-of-mouth referrals, Ang Chin Moh’s caring and respectful customer service leaves an unforgettable experience on the families it serves.