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FOR OVER A CENTURY, people have trusted Hertz to provide them with a premium and excellent value rental vehicle solution. As one of the world’s leading car rental companies, Hertz delivers vehicles to suit every customer’s need.

With one of the largest fleets in the world at over 10,200 locations around the globe, including airports and downtown locations, customers can easily find a Hertz service to get them where they need to be. And the Hertz young and diverse fleet guarantees comfortable, quality vehicles with low mileage and leading safety technology.

Part of Hertz’s success as an industry leader comes from excellence in the areas of innovation, selection and safety, and the other comes from excellence in service. Hertz constantly strives to provide clients with a personal and professional customer service experience. It achieves this by ensuring a positive and inclusive workplace culture, and ensures its customer service teams are friendly, professional and enjoy working with people.

Hertz’s free-to-join loyalty program, Gold Plus Rewards, is at the core of the Hertz business and is available across the Hertz global network. The program rewards loyal customers with counter bypass service and added benefits such as discounts and free additional driver.

Combining the latest technologies, premium vehicles, award-winning loyalty program and outstanding customer service, Hertz ensures it has the best car rental solution for customer needs today, and is well positioned to meet future customer expectations.