YOU KNOW YOU HAVE A WINNING CUSTOMER-SERVICE FORMULA when customers keep returning to your business. Nation, Singapore’s leading Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) employment agency, invests time and effort in understanding its customers’ specific needs to ensure they find helpers with the right aptitude and skillset to meet their requirements. That’s why it has been the preferred agency of choice for many returning customers for over 10 years.

Opening in 1992, Nation has helped more than 50,000 households in their search for domestic workers. Nation arranges interviews with potential FDWs in their home countries via video conference or over the phone. For customers who are eligible for the Advance Placement Scheme or those who want to hire Transfer FDWs, Nation will arrange a face-to-face interview.

Besides developing an acute understanding of various household needs, Nation keeps up to date on new regulations and changes to the work pass application process from the Ministry of Manpower, as well as criteria from every source country. It has a database of candidates from approved sources including Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines and India (Mizoram).

Nation consistently delivers excellent customer service through building lasting relationships with its customers. This includes investing in frontline service staff to enhance service quality standards and delivery. Therefore, when customers go to Nation with a request, the customer service team can connect with them emotionally to quickly and efficiently help them narrow down the field of helpers with the right skillset and experience.