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MULTI-AWARD-WINNER ETIQA INSURANCE SINGAPORE stands firm on its brand promise – to humanise insurance, and is committed to helping people protect their lifestyles today and plan for a better tomorrow.

Customer experience is important to Etiqa. Its relentless drive to digitalisation and innovation has resulted in new solutions and integrations, such as pioneering online insurance savings plans and the delivery of a customer-centric experience.

This approach has been consistently embedded in its product strategy. For instance, its home protection plan Tiq Home Insurance was designed with flexible features based on common household concerns reflected in a consumer study they conducted. The plan allows a choice of sum insured for building, renovation, and home contents across different period options. Value-added services, such as Emergency Cash Allowance and 24/7 home repair assistance, are also bundled with the product.

Queries can be addressed in real time through intuitive and personable conversations via their Chatbot – a first in the local insurance industry. Going beyond traditional communication channels, customers can also connect with the insurer via WhatsApp messenger. To ensure the quality and consistency of its service, Etiqa conducts regular training for its staff, and aims to provide the best advice and resolve matters upon first contact.

Several awards and accolades speak for Etiqa’s commitment to customer experience and digital transformation.